“The income tax has made liars out of more Americans than golf.” – Will Rogers

Why InsurAtlanta?

We think Will had it right, but we also think it’s because very few people actually understand the ins and outs of income tax & investing.

When you’re building your wealth, you want it to be as easy and honest as:

Work ✔
Save ✔
Retire ✔

Unfortunately ensuring your money consistently grows, your savings are protected, and you’re getting the most out of real estate investments isn’t quite that simple.

But, it can be.

Howard Silvermintz has dedicated his career to guiding individuals and businesses in redirecting money normally lost to debt, interest and income tax back to their deserving hands. By doing so, he’s empowered countless clients to use policy cash values as collateral for real estate investments, and given access to a unique source to pay income taxes, keeping more money in their pockets.

Howard tailors the process of building and protecting your wealth to YOU, whether you’re planning worldly travels, or looking to pass on money to your family in the most tax-advantageous way possible. At your kitchen table or at the office, Howard puts you back into the driver’s seat of your wealth management.

“Howard always goes the extra mile. He is a gentleman and a scholar, very thorough and always seeks the win-win solution for everyone. Working with him is easy as he really listens and considers well thought out individual solutions for clients. I highly recommend doing business with him.” – Kim B.

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Howard Silvermintz, his wife and their dog live in Atlanta, where he has made his home for more than twenty years. As a native of St. Louis, Howard is a lifelong fanatic of the St. Louis Cardinals and a proud graduate of the University of Missouri, Columbia (Go Tigers!)

Are you ready to take the next step and speak with a financial professional?

For decades insurance has been a necessary evil – a piece of financial protection that wise individuals won’t live without. And while it’s always been considered part of “financial planning”, most of the planning relates to the individual becoming disabled or meeting an untimely death and making arrangements for the family’s financial security if the unthinkable occurs.

Now families, individuals and business owners can add insurance products to their active financial planning tool kits –to improve their lifestyles, to increase their own net worth, and to enjoy life and prosperity even while they plan for retirement.

Learn more about the Circle of Wealth and the positive impact insurance products can have right now — not only when the unthinkable happens.

Discover a new way to look at saving.


Guide Your Business. Protect Your Key People. Learn and Implement The Financial Strategies Of The Wealthy.

InsurAtlanta will help you learn more about Group Health Insurance and Business Continuation Insurance.

Discover A New Way To Look At Saving

A successful retirement can happen sooner than you think

InsurAtlanta, Inc., is an Atlanta-based agency advising clients on purchasing health, life, and disability insurance coverage, long-term care coverage, as well as customized plans for their financial future. InsurAtlanta brings more than two decades of extensive experience in long-term insurance and retirement planning for individuals, professionals, small business owners and families.

InsurAtlanta's Howard is both a Chartered Life Underwriter® (CLU), offering expertise on risk management to clients on topics like financial planning, insurance law, estate planning, and business planning; and a Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC), focusing on financial planning disciplines, including insurance, income taxation, retirement planning, investments and estate planning.